Special 3-layer panels with original old hand-processed surfaces

The 3-layer panel from solid wood (mostly spruce, pine and oak) is already a well-known product on the European market. In the Czech Republic, however, our firm was the first to use layers of old hand-processed beams and sun-burnt planks for the visual side of the panels. This surface is guaranteed to be the original work of old master carpenters with the contribution of the ageing effect of rain, wind and sun. The age of the timber always exceeds two hundred years, thus being inimitable regardless of any attempt to replicate this patina. Perhaps this is why this product enjoys such great popularity and high demand from important designers and builders throughout Europe.


The panel is a 3-layer bonded sandwich with the outer layers composed of continuous plate glued lengthwise. The middle ply is glued laterally at an angle of 90° to the outer layers. When these plies are bonded into a single unit, they create a rigid panel highly resistant to bending and twisting.


The bottom and middle plies are also made of old high-quality beams, but sawn from the core of the material. The top ply is the mentioned original layer completely selected, sorted and processed by our Company. In the final treatment, this layer is brushed so that it provides a specific surface effect with a distinct structure and the remarkable colour and texture of the wood. We obtain the material from old historical objects where the beautiful work of old masters is guaranteed.


- thickness of the panels is selectable from 24 to 50 mm
- the width of the panels is 1,220 mm
- the lengths are delivered according to customer requirements from 1,000 mm to 4,500 mm
- panels are bonded using the Austrian adhesive RAKOLL
- interior panels are bonded using the special water resistant adhesive RAKOLLGXL 4, exterior panels using the two-component adhesive RAKOLLIT 280 + 14% RAKOLLIT Harter WS1


These panels are used as visual panelling in interiors and exteriors. They can be found in the production of furniture, kitchens, doors, window sills, but also small apartment accessories


Hand-hewn beams, worn-out floor boards and sun-burnt planks in these colours:
silver gray, dark gray, honey brown, dark brown, black