is the largest processor of old timber in Europe.

The manufacture and storage is carried out in our own premises of 30,000 m2.
Every month, we process up to 500 m3 of material.
Throughout our existence, we have sold more than 60,000 m3 of old timber, mostly on European markets.

The AH-BOHEMIA team currently consists of: 10 carpenters, 15 joiners, 20 workmen, 5 technicians and purchasing clerks and 5 managers.

It continually stores about 1,000 m3 of material.

A word from the founder

"Hello, I have been trading in old timber in the Czech Republic since 1996.

As a master carpenter, I have a very personal relationship to timber and its processing.

I personally supervise all manufacturing processes and work procedures in the processing of our materials.

I am a guarantor of your satisfaction with our products and materials, taking personal responsibility for each delivery.

I look forward to working with you."

Zdeněk Sokol