Specifications of original floor boards.

Planks represent another product of our Company. The age and origin is the same as with the beams, yet... The planks are characterised by their inimitable colour and the patina of the top visual layer, i.e., the wear side. Here, the original manufacturing technology is not as important as the number of years the plank was used for its purpose. The planks can be found in rooms on the floors or as sheathing of houses and other buildings. Each step of our ancestors, each year of the sun, rain and wind effect is recorded in an unmistakable way on the surface of this material.


- the planks are planed according to customer specifications, mostly to a thickness of 30 mm, but 40 or even 50 mm is no exception

- then they are trimmed on the sides to the same width, but to a minimum of 150 mm; however, our offer even contains 500 mm wide planks

- we shorten the planks in an effort to ensure the greatest possible length of healthy material

- to fully preserve the original colour and appearance, we clean the surface with several types of brushes using a special brushing machine

- you can choose from the following colours of planks from sheathing where the original appearance is maintained: silver grey, dark grey, light and dark brown and even black