Basic description

Wooden beams from our Company embody the unique original period carpentry of Czech masters. All timber delivered by our Company is at least 100 years old, and always hand-processed. The timber comes from historical buildings intended for demolition, mostly former mills, breweries, granaries, churches and monasteries. The material is predominantly spruce, pine, fir and larch, rarely also oak or ash.

Types of structures

Rafters – from 15×12 to 18×16 cm in lengths from 200 to 900 cm

Beams – from 18×18 to 30×30 cm in lengths from 200 to 1,360 cm

Modifications of the material

We deliver materials free of nails or other metal. Each piece is cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner and free of all impurities. The ends are sawn into perfectly healthy material. The beams are shipped in bundles of 1,100×700 mm in the corresponding lengths, held together by a 16 mm steel band. The maximum amount loaded on a truck is 45 m3.